Your body, your choice: fashion trends for the 2021 Muslim woman

A woman deserves respect for who she is, not what she prefers to wear. Why must a woman wardrobe become a part of debate? Why is there a need to inspect and point out what a woman wears? All women should be free to wear what they want to, because our body = our choice

Modest fashion has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Modest clothing is not only limited to Muslim women but women from other religions also feel comfortable in modest clothing. The fashion industry has made dressing for Muslim women easier, as designers and brands have taken on trends that fit in modest clothing. Loose fitting shapes, more covered up silhouettes and creative layering as made modest fashion the latest popular trend.


Who doesn’t prefer a comfortable baggy look these days? Kimonos are perfect for the 2021 because they are comfy, chic, flattering, and perfect for in and out the house. For a dressier look, team a plain kimono with a maxi dress and heels. If you’re looking for something simple, wear an all white outfit underneath and seal the look with a printed kimono. Flats are a perfect edition if you are looking for a more casual look. 


2021 must have trendy item in your wardrobe should definitely be the kaftan. Kaftans look wonderful with or without hijabs. They look feminine and give you a very charismatic look. Elevate your look this season with our Dinah Grey Abaya  kaftan paired with your favorite mules, hand bag and a matching scarf.



 Abayas, both flowy and fitted are easy to carry and great to slip on over outfits or on their own. There are now lots of fashionable varieties and colours to choose from. Closed umbrella abayas, open coat abayas, butterfly abayas and layered abayas. Don't be afraid to experiment your style.