Hi, my name is Rifhat. I am the founder of Modest Trends London. My mission is to make you look great while taking care of the environment and empowering others. I've have pledged that for every scarf/hijab you buy from us, I will donate one to charity. I believe in empowering women by giving them more choice in every aspect of their lives.
Rifhat Qureshi

Our Partners

Assadaqaat Community Finance (ACF) is a not-for-profit, innovative and leading provider of financial support and advice to entrepreneurs in the UK, offering a ground breaking and pioneering financial model based on Islamic Financial principles. ACF inspire women to become the change agents and drivers of economic growth.  Helping women to start and run their micro, small and medium-sized enterprises not only empowers women to become financially inclusive and increase their incomes but it also helps in creating jobs, and reducing social and economic inequalities.